Valuations, appraisals services and technical reports

Instituto de Valoraciones – an appraisal company approved by “El Banco de España” and registered in “El Registro especial de Sociedades” with the number 449- and IV technical services offer a wide range of services and we advise our clients from the first phase of the life cycle of a property.

Real Estate Managment

Assuma, as a Real Estate Advisor, is established in a business group with a large experience in other Real Estate niches. It aims to offer custom solutions for investors, financial institutions, property developers and particulars.

Our profesional team and our knowledge of the sector allow us to offer a specific and customized advice to all our clients.

  • New residential construction management and marketing
  • The management of second hand properties
  • Real Estate Consulting and Inversion
  • Commmercial premises, industrial warehouses and floors selection
  • Market research, assets valuation and management
Software y hardware para el Real Estate

Real Estate software and hardware

Since we live in a technological world where everybody is surrounded by technology and innovation, RESSOLUTIONS is commited to continuously evolve in order to generate connections with our clients and help them to live positive experiences. For this matter, this sector has been one of the first to invest in and we have developed great technological solutions in order to improve the client experience.

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Innovation Centers

RESSOLUTIONS promotes the creation of facilities that may be used as work spaces where technology and innovation meet in order to support the projects and dreams of our entrepreuners. We encourage the best national and internacional ideas.

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